Malaysia National Stakeholder Consultation


SEA circular is holding a National Stakeholder Consultation for Malaysia, bringing together the project’s implementation partners to dialogue and work together to solve plastic pollution at source.


The National Stakeholder consultation will be held at the Klana Beach Resort, Kompleks Baitulhilal, Lot 4506 Batu, 8, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


SEA circular is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA), supported by the Swedish Government. The project aims to reduce the adverse impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment, by transforming plastic management and preventing waste leakage with a focus on the value chain stages of (i) Production of plastic products, (ii) Plastic use, and (iii) Collection / sorting / recycling. Taking a people-centred value chain approach, activities engage national and local government partners; businesses, producers, retailers, and associations in the packaging, consumer and institutional products industry; international
development partners and (sub) regional organizations; academia and research institutions; civil society, consumers, and disadvantaged groups impacted by plastic pollution such as informal waste workers and coastal communities. Target countries include Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The project has four components:

Output 1: Identify and develop market-based solutions to reduce single-use and hard-to-recycle plastics, promote recycling and increase recovery of plastic.

Output 2: Strengthen the evidence base for informed decision making to address marine litter by building national capacities to monitor plastic material flows and assess waste leakage hotspots in line with global best practice.

Output 3: Create widespread outreach to promote behavioural change among consumers and the plastics industry and an enabling space for policy development, building on existing campaigns (e.g. #CleanSeas).

Output 4: Targeted technical support to develop regionally coherent national marine litter planning and promote harmonized methodologies, indicator frameworks and reporting processes/systems in line with the COBSEA Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP MALI) and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) efforts.

Purpose and objectives of the consultation

The objectives of the consultation with stakeholders in Malaysia are:

  1. To receive feedback on the project’s objective and expected impact, strategies and bapproaches, and plans in Malaysia after pre-consultation on 15 October 2019;
  2. To introduce the project’s Implementation Partners and stakeholders in Malaysia, and
  3. To explore opportunities for collaboration among other initiatives and partners.


Participants will include national and local governmental representatives, private sector representatives, members of the academia, and civil society organizations in Malaysia, UN agencies and other inter-governmental agencies based in Malaysia, as well as implementation partners of the SEA circular project.



Keynote Address – Dr Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu

9.45: Sustainable management of plastic wastes and promotion of circular economy – Prof Dr. Sumiani Yusoff

9.45: Transformation of Waste Management Services – Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr A. Bakar Jaafar 

9.45: Malaysia Roadmap Towards Zero Single Use Plastics 2018-2030 – Puan Norlailina Mamat

9.45: Plastic Waste Management in Malaysia – Puan Nor Ain Fazlina Saari

9.45: Management of Solid Waste in Malaysia Through 5R Concept – Nazar Abdul Raof

10.45: Designing a monitoring or assessment programme – Dr. Denise Hardesty

10.45: Monitoring & Assessment Methodologies Using Practical Examples – Cheryl Rita Kaur

10.45: Port Dickson’s Marine Debris Case Studies – Prof Kannan Narayanan

10.45: Methodologies & Assessment Applied for Islands in Malaysia – Puan Izarenah Repin

10.45: Marine Litter in the Straits of Malacca – Prof Zulfigar Yasin

11.45: National Consultation Slides for 5-6 November 2019 – Jacqueline Chang and Natalie Harms

13.15: Assessment Tax Rebate Scheme for Eco-Friendly House Owners in Petaling Jaya – Puan Nur Wahidah and Mr Anthony Tan

13.15: MyReturns App in Petaling Jaya – Dr. S. Sri Umeswara

13.15: Trash Hero Malaysian Chapters – Faizal Abdur Rani

13.15: Mantanani Island & Taman Desa Projects – Reef Check Malaysia

13.15: Pangkor Island – Dr. CS Tan

13.15: The Potential of Drain and River Interception in Reducing Marine Litter – Dato’ Mizan Yahya, WMAM

13.15: Public Participation in River Rehabilitation – Friends of Rivers

13.15: Penang Island – SeaMonkeyProject

15.00: An Advanced Plastics Recycling industry for Malaysia – Malaysia Plastics Recyclers Association

15.15: Plastics Disclosure Project – Doug Woodring

15.15: Its a Multi-material Circular World – Adrienna Zsakay

15.15: Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow – Luanne Sieh

16.00: Step by Step Approach to Launch Marine Litter Online Course in Malaysia – Ismail Abdullah

16.00: Role of University in contributing towards SDGs – Prof Dr. Sumiani Yusoff

16.00: RCE Kuching-Education for Sustainable Development – Prof Dr Yeong Siew Wei

16.00: How to Make Marine Litter Online Course Mandatory in our Education System – Prof Zulfigar Yasin

16.45: Who Should Lead the Change – Faisal Abdur Rani

For further information and to confirm your participation, kindly contact and

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