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First Alliance to End Plastic Waste forum held in South East Asia

28 August 2019

Global companies from across the value chain, including plastic manufacturers, held the first Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) forum in SEA.


Action plan on marine litter is agreed for South East Asia

28 June 2019

Efforts to combat marine litter in South East Asia have been given a boost by the adoption of East Asian Seas Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter.


ASEAN Declaration on Combatting Marine Debris

22 June 2019

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has promised in a joint declaration that its members will take concrete actions to “prevent and significantly reduce marine debris”.



SEA of Solutions 2019 – Partnership week for marine plastic pollution prevention

11-14 November 2019

SEA of Solutions 2019 is bringing together governments, business leaders, scientists, UN agencies and community groups, to dialogue on solutions for marine plastic pollution.


Malaysia National Stakeholder Consultation

5 - 6 November 2019

SEA circular is holding a National Stakeholder Consultation for Malaysia, bringing together the project’s implementation partners to dialogue and work together to solve plastic pollution at source.


Twenty-fourth Intergovernmental Meeting of the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA)

19 - 20 June 2019

The 24th Intergovernmental Meeting of the COBSEA was held in June 2019, back to back with the meeting of the COBSEA Working Group on Marine Litter.

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