SEA Circular Newsletter – October 2022
Plastic Credits: Understanding the Risks and Opportunities in Addressing Plastic Pollution
Achieving a Circular Plastics Economy through Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Collective Efforts to End Plastic Pollution in South-East Asia


Solving Plastic Pollution At Source

Plastic waste is choking our seas and threatening ecosystems and livelihoods in South-East Asia. Striving for cleaner seas, less plastic wasted and a more circular economy requires fundamental change throughout the plastic value chain.

SEA circular is an initiative of UN Environment Programme and the Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA) to inspire market-based solutions and encourage enabling policies to prevent marine plastic pollution.


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23-24 Nov 2022 13:00 - 17:00 (GMT +7)

The triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss needs to be addressed for humanity to have a viable future on this planet. Plastic pollution is a key contributor and by-product of an essentially linear system in which over 75% of the material value of plastic is lost following....

11 Nov 2022,09.00 - 10.30 (GMT +7)

South-East Asia is at the heart of this marine plastic pollution challenge. Six of the top 20 estimated sources of plastic marine debris are from South-East Asian countries. If South-East Asia were thought of as one country, it would represent the single biggest source of mismanaged plastic waste globally.....


12 October 2022

The event started with the opening remarks by Dr. Vincent Aloysius, SEA circular Programme Officer. He provided the background of the efforts of the SEA circular project to shed light on the market....

19 September 2022

Over 100 participants from government agencies, industries, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneur communities from Bangladesh, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Norway,....

20 June 2022

Imagine, a child is drowning in the sea of plastic, people are eating food made of plastic, pets are eating plastic particles – are these not shocking? Yet, these images could...