Round up of news from around the South East Asia region, focussing on the initiatives from governments, private sector, civil society towards cleaner seas, less plastic wasted and a more circular economy.

Siam Cement Group (SCG) promotes a more circular economy

26 August 2019

At the 10th Sustainable Development Symposium, SCG announced that 45 partners from the public, private, non-profit and intergovernmental sectors have banded together to form a network to drive the circular economy.


PRO Viet Nam launches to stem the flow of plastic waste into the ocean

21 August 2019

Nine leading companies in the consumer goods and packaging industries joined hands to launch the coalition Packaging Recycling Organization Việt Nam (PRO Việt Nam) in Ho Chi Minh City.


Action plan on marine litter is agreed for South East Asia

28 June 2019

Efforts to combat marine litter in South East Asia have been given a boost by the adoption of East Asian Seas Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter.


ASEAN Declaration on Combatting Marine Debris

22 June 2019

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has promised in a joint declaration that its members will take concrete actions to “prevent and significantly reduce marine debris”.


Collaboration to combat marine litter in Thailand

7 June 2019

UNEP, supported by the Government of Sweden, is forging partnerships between Government agencies, the private sector, civil society and academia in Thailand, to tackle the transboundary challenge of marine litter.

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