Turning the tide on ocean plastic


Seven Clean Seas.

Seven Clean Seas was started in 2018 by social entrepreneurs Tom Peacock-Nazil and his wife Pamela Correia, who realized there was a huge opportunity to educate and engage companies to be environmentally and socially minded. 

SCS is an Ocean Cleanup Organisation based in Singapore and since its inception has recovered over 127,000kg of plastic pollution from the marine environment alone. It is focused on developing a funding mechanism which can generate capital to facilitate investment into infrastructure and technology solutions to stop plastic reaching the ocean. That funding mechanism is plastic-offsetting and SCS were the first provider globally. SCS helps clients measure and reduce their plastic footprint then offset their necessary plastic by investing in projects which tackle plastic pollution. This helps companies neutralize their impact on the planet and seas whilst redirecting funding to develop the infrastructure and projects needed in areas that are most affected. 

SCS have committed to recovering over 10,000,000 kilos of marine debris by 2025 from the top seven worst plastic polluted countries in the world whilst formalising the employment of 200 waste collectors. Since 2018, they’ve invested in ocean clean-up operations, remote island infrastructure and innovative technology. 

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