Viet Nam becoming a growing force in tackling transboundary marine litter and plastic pollution


South-East Asian country's significance seen in virtual panel discussion of environmental officials of Vietnam, Germany, Ecuador and Ghana.

Viet Nam is pushing to become a regional pioneer in transboundary marine litter and plastic pollution reduction according to a recent online conference.

The discussions – a precursor to the September Ministerial Conference to reach a global strategy to end marine litter and plastic pollution – provided a platform for the nation to outline its position, which it did with some clarity.

Ta Dinh Thi, Director General of the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, emphasized that now is the time for countries to come together to develop a cohesive global framework – with clear milestones, stakeholder roles and responsibilities and progress indicators.

“South-East Asia is in a unique position with a significant role to play here, and a new global agreement will provide the essential boost to our regional and national actions against the global plastic crisis.” 

Key to Vietnam’s new development strategy – designed to promote the maritime economy while protecting related environments and ecosystems – is both mitigating marine environmental pollution and growing in its role as a regional pioneer in reducing marine litter.

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has called for transformational action now to end plastic pollution. 

She affirmed that the UNEP stands ready to support member states’ discussions towards stronger global action on single-use plastics.

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