Together progressing towards less plastic wasted


SEA of Solutions hybrid a success.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the issue of plastic pollution in the region, overwhelming and exposing weaknesses with our current waste management systems. With single-use packaging, masks and gloves piling up on our beaches and informal sector wasteworkers most vulnerable to the disease increasingly endangered, the direct impact that marine litter has on the livelihoods of disadvantaged local communities as well as the environment is clear. 

Though there is additional pressure on food packaging, healthcare, and plastic recycling businesses across many countries, the severity of the pandemic has offered impetus towards increasing concerted action. 

The SEA of Solutions 2020 hybrid partnership event – over three days from 24-26 November – hosted by UN Ambassadors Nadya Hutagalung and Antoinette Taus, and featuring more than one hundred speakers, including Ministers from 10 countries in Asia, over 1000 participants from over 100 countries, including more than 250 delegates from the private sector, identified the pandemic as an opportunity to reset. 

A need for a shift from linear to circular systems involving businesses, governments, and civil society, using digital technologies and people- centred solutions was seen as critical, and necessary to leverage public and private investments along the plastic value chain.

Coming from private sector companies, environmental organizations and dedicated individuals alike, pledges included commitments to develop reuse models and plastic alternatives, to enhance marine research, and to foster local solutions and youth engagement.

Zoom recordings of all 26 sessions are available on our event platform.

The numbers at a glance:

1259 delegates from more than 100 different countries 

250 private sector entities.

137 different speakers. 

5 plenaries, 10 parallel sessions and 11 side events.

27 scalable pledges made.

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